Download Firmware, Driver, Mono Framework, Preset Manager Here

The latest Firmware, Mono framework, Driver and Preset Manager for RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition

Note! For any of the following downloads, you may be required to authorize the installation in Mac OSX:

Authorize App-1

Unidentified Developer

The above alert requires you to go to System Preferences > Security > Open Anyway:

SiLabs Driver Version 5 - Download Here

How to Install and Verify the SiLabs Driver

Be sure to restart your Mac after installing the driver!

How to Uninstall the SiLabs Driver

If Vantage fails to connect to the RF Explorer, un-installing and re-installing usually fixes the issue:

Mono Framework - Download Here

The Mono Framework library is required to run the Firmware Update tool as well as the Preset Manager.

Pro Audio Edition Firmware v. 3.08 - Download Here

Note: This firmware is ONLY for use with the RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition. BOTH the SiLabs driver and Mono Framework must be installed to run the Firmware Update.

Release Notes, May 2019:

  • Improved High Resolution mode scan speed.
  • Added flexible command mode support to improve response in High Resolution mode.

Firmware Upgrade Walkthrough Video

Preset Utility - Download Here

Note: BOTH the SiLabs driver and Mono Framework must be installed to run the Preset Utility.

For quick start and detailed guides to using the Preset Utility, see this article.

RF Explorer Preset Manager